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Are peacock feathers unlucky?

I bought some early this year for a flower arrangement with sticks in our bedroom...closest to my husband's side of the bed. We've had a terrible year, and he has been suddenly and unexpectedly very ill. I just recently remembered that when i bought them my friend with me told me they were bad luck, and i dismissed it. Is it a coincidence that my husband has been ill since feathers near the bed? Should I get rid of them?

Are peacock feathers unlucky?
If you believe in this only a little bit, get rid of them. Superstitions have a way of making themselves come true by the subject's belief in them. Your friend may have planted the seed for this in your mind and you will feel better if you just move the feathers to the basement or the garage.
Reply:do get rid of them, there are plenty of tales in psychic mags about peacock feathers bringing terrible bad luck to its owners when they are taken indoors.
Reply:hindus believe they are good luck in your bathroom or kitchen.
Reply:According to Hindu Mythology, the God Krishna wore three Peacock feathers in his crown.So I, as a hindu, cannot really say that they might be unlucky for you as they are regarded as very important aspects of Indian Mythology.

On the other hand, the God known as the 'Woman Hater'- Kartikeya had a peacock as a pet.He hated women because he thought that his mother favoured his elder brother Ganesha when Ganesha had regarded his parents as the world(Kartikeya had been challenged in a race to go round the world thrice in a race against Ganesha).As you are female, according to my religion, you could have been cursed by him for using the feathers of his beloved pet.

If you are really feeling that your family problems are being caused by these feathers, why are you wasting precious time asking for advice?Throw them away if you feel that they are bad luck for you.
Reply:I must say I have never heard of Peacock feathers being considered unlucky. Regardless, do remember that for every superstition there is a contradictory superstition from another frame of reference.

Do you actually think that luck is a concept which exists as anything other than a mechanism to describe random events?

If so, do you really believe that this non-corporeal force could be stored in a feather?

Does this mean that peacocks have very bad luck? Maybe in the cosmic balance their beguiling appearance is a sorry trade off for inescapable and cataclysmic misfortune.

When I was growing up, there were always peacock feathers in the house. That would explain an awful lot.

Get rid of the feathers. Throw them away or give them to an enemy. Unless you are EXTREMELY superstitious, at which point you should use subliminal messaging to prompt someone of your choosing to steal said peacock feathers.
Reply:My grandmother told me they were.

So as for me i do not have them around .

any way i thing they look good were god put them on the male peacock. So if i were you i would get rid of them and see what happens hope all is well again soon.

It is thought very unlucky to have the feathers of a Peacock within the home or handle anything made with them. This is possibly because of the eye shape present upon these feathers i.e. the Evil-Eye associated with wickedness.
Reply:My Swedish grandma was very adamant about peacock feathers being unlucky. She said they were a representation of the "evil eye".
Reply:They are meant to be bad luck Im sorry to say but I don't know the reason why but I do know a friend of mine on the day she was getting married had a complete fit because a Peacock where she was getting married lefty a long feather behind in one of the rooms and she thought it would spoil the whole day!!!
Reply:From a Hindu perspective - NO.

The peacock is a sacred bird.

There is nothing associated with luck.

The fact that a degree of negativity has been planted in your mind / thoughts , then get get rid of it.
Reply:why not, they're only feathers
Reply:peakcock feathers are just pretty.........but maybe you should, ya never know
Reply:Pecock feathers are pretty good...!In india it is sign of the god...!
Reply:The luck thing is bunkum, but out of interest %26amp; if you dont mind saying, what is your husbands illness, that could be connected.
Reply:whenever i think of peacock feathers i think of hera, not sure why.
Reply:They were unlucky for the peacock that had them pulled out of him.
Reply:i always thought they were lucky things?
Reply:yes get rid of them my mate died i am not kidding.
Reply:well if you ask me

peacock feathers

are just normale


i don't now why

you thought that but

its probably a roomer
Reply:Traditionally, in most cultures, the peacock and it's feathers are a symbol of wholeness and the Sun.

For some reason, in Victorian times, it became a bad luck symbol. This is probably because it symbolism is linked to the occult folklore rather than Christian values.

Some people do have allergies to feathers, or the dust they collect.

I'm sorry to hear you've had such a bad year, but this happens to everyone occasionally. It usually takes more contributory factors than just a few feathers for this to happen.

I wish you better health and happiness for the future.

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  1. I too wish you and your husband better health & happiness. I hate that you are going through such trouble right now, but it is true that in ALL of our lives, some rain must fall, whether we have feathers in the house or not!!!

    There is but one God who made the feathers and your beautiful husband. Go to Him, the one God, about your problems and strengthen your heart by reading His word. There is NOTHING in the Bible about bad luck being related to feathers. And the Bible - not blogs from people who may or may not love you or God - is where you will gain some real, meaningful, substantive answers that will actually help you through this difficult time. Be blessed! I'm praying that you find peace.