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How can I preserve a flower?

I have a few flowers from a family members funeral we cut them from the coffin arrangement. how can I keep them forever. i have heard of putting hair spray on them but i know from past experience that doesn't work

How can I preserve a flower?
It will depend on the flower type. Small flowers like pansies, daisies and the like are good for pressing. Get a heavy book, place sheets of white paper on both sides of a page in the book and place the flowers on one piece of paper and close the book carefully. Don't let the flowers touch each other.

Silica Sand can be bought at Michael's Crafts and other craft stores and some hardware stores. You place some of this in the bottom of a plastic shoe box, place your flowers with the heads up, then carefully sprinkle more Sand over the flowers until they are covered. These take awhile to dry, but they come out looking much like they did when alive. Colors will change some, white flowers go kind of creme colored, reds will turn a burgundy color. Wish I knew what type of flowers, as some can be hung from a ceiling upsidedown to air dry.

Best to you and your loved ones.
Reply:I would recomend smashing them in a big book for a couple weeks then sealing them in a big pitcure frame. sorry for your lose
Reply:Pressing them is usually the best method. I suggest putting the flowers in a "zip-lock" plastic bag which contains some silica gel (available at some hobby stores).

The silica will help remove the water so that they will dry faster. If you want to use hair spray on them, wait until they are bone dry.

What kind of sympathy arrangement to send a male?

My boyfriends grandmother passed this morning. She practically raised him after his own mother died so he is taking this pretty hard. I was wanting to send some flowers to the funeral home. I know he would appreciate having an arrangement sent to him. What sort sympathy arrangement would be appropriate for a male?

I don't want to visit a florist. I was hoping to order them online. Any online florist suggestions as well?

What kind of sympathy arrangement to send a male?
You are sweet for wanting to support him. I like - they are pretty inexpensive. You can send them to his house or to the funeral home - personally I think to his house is better, but check the obituary in the newspaper to see if the family has any special instructions.

I don't think there is any arrangment or flower that a man would not appreciate. There's no such thing as 'male' arrangements or 'female' arrangements. Men love all kinds of flowers too!! White roses and white lilies are popular sympathy flowers but anything is great - it's the thought that counts.

I have one more suggestion: Instead of (or in addition to) sending them now, wait two or three weeks and send the flowers then, with an encouraging note. Bereaved families are flooded with sympathy for the first week or two, then everything suddenly drops off to nothing, the flowers die, the cards stop coming, and the shock has worn off - this is when people need help and sympathy the most, in my opinion.
Reply:I'm sure that anything at all will be appreciated, but for men, I tend to order a plant. Almost every online florist has a selection of plants in their "Sympathy" section. They aren't quite so "girly" and they make a lovely living tribute to a beloved relative.

If possible, find a florist that is local to the funeral and order from there. Most of them have websites and allow you to order online nowadays. My family and I have had very good luck with this method, especially when we are sending flowers to an out-of-state funeral.
Reply:Try sending him an arrangement that you made yourself, with cheese and crackers and canned meats. Throw in a loaf of bread and wrap it in a blue bow. They probably need the food, anyways, having friends and family over that need food. Food is expensive. Food donations like that, can really save a family during such a tough time, and anyways men love food.

You can also make him a nice casserole or something, as well, but its hard to send those or order them online. There are catering services, so if you want you can order him a couple of meals through one.
Reply:I truly sorry to hear. She is now in a better place. What about a mixed range of flowers, or carnations, roses, maybe a peace lilly ect sorry im unsure as to what country/state your in so maybe try go through %26amp; just type in florists. All the best hope everything works out %26amp; I'm truly sorry to hear.
Reply:A simple, tasteful floral arrangement. When my dad died we were sent several plants. It gave me the chills everytime I saw them because they reminded me of his death. The good thing about flowers is you don't feel guilty about throwing them away when they are beyond their prime.
Reply:Go simple...maybe a peace lilly or something like that. Since male if you get an entricate boquette, it may be lost if he does not care about flowers. A simple arrangement says you care but you are not spending alot of money on something that is not going to get full appreciation.
Reply:It's OK to send either mums or lilies.

Go see him at the funeral home too if at all possible.

It's times like this that friends are needed the most.
Reply:a nice mixed planter would be very nice. you can get one for anywhere from $25 up, it could be sent to the funberal home with a note on the back of the card that that particular item be reserved for him, you could also get some cut flowers placed in it.

another suggestion i saw was a blooming plant that could be planted outside, such as a mum plant, but a planter has several different varities of plants, and eventually could be seperated into however many different plants there are, and placed in different rooms of the house.
Reply:Try Do a search for sympathy or something to that extent. Call them if you don't see anything good online that might fit. Usually talking to someone and telling them exactly what you want is a lot better.

I think it's 1800flowers

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What do you guys think about this type of rose arrangement colors I plan to send to my gf at work?

I been dating my gf for close to 2 months and Its my first ever pay check from work and I am planning to spend it all on the most important people to me... One of them being my gf. I plan on sending her flowers at work since she knows that I have never gave anyone gifts and It will be my first.... So I have come up with the following arrangements...

6 white roses - showing that I care

5 roses - friendship

1 red rose - love

Purpose is that I want her to know that I care of her and will be there for her... and with the friendship and trust that we have... love will surely come.... which really is what our current situation is like....

What do you guys think about this arrangement and idea?

What do you guys think about this type of rose arrangement colors I plan to send to my gf at work?
Adorable! Why can't all boyfriends be that sweet? Make sure the card has something cute and sensitive.

Good Luck!
Reply:Thats cute just make sure you say in the card maybe in a cute poem what the colors mean and the roses symbolize.
Reply:I think it is awesome. The arrangement sounds beautiful and even more beautiful is the thought and effort you have put into it. She's a lucky girl!
Reply:That is like REALLY sweet!
Reply:6 white roses - showing that I care

5 roses - friendship

1 red rose - love

Wait, you only said "5 roses". What kind of roses?
Reply:I love the idea,

sounds very sweet.


She'll love it!
Reply:that is soooo sweet but u should add a fake rose and say that this fake rose would symbolize our love mean that it would never die..u kno sumthin like that but awww thats too sweet

DIY flowers arrangement for wedding in April. Does anyone know where to get good deal wholesale/bulk flowers?

CONGRATS!! You may want to check your local florist and see if they sale wholesale, if not try searching the web for "wholesale flowers" If you type in wedding or bridal the price tends to go way up. We are doing our flowers ourselves (april wedding also) and our local florist does sale wholesale..

DIY flowers arrangement for wedding in April. Does anyone know where to get good deal wholesale/bulk flowers?
Reply:If you go with real flowers, I would suggest going through a wholesaler like Costco or Sam's Club. I bought my flowers through them and paid $12.99 per 2 dozen roses. The service was great and the flowers were gorgeous. I picked them up 3 days before the wedding and ordered them medium tight. I had plenty of time to arrange all the centerpieces and bought vases at Michaels for $3 each. For the church, I used pew cones from and filled them with the flowers. When I asked a florist how much she would charged for a similar centerpiece, she said $75 each and I spent under $20 each. The also has some great pictures and ideas. Hope this helps!
Reply:check you paper for fliers from craft stores like Micahels, A.C. Moore, or Joann's. they are inexpensive, and you can get coupons. go with your bridesmaids and some other people and you can each use a coupon and get them for even less!!
Reply:I've heard that Publix has wholesale prices on flowers and they have special wedding pacakes for DIY bouquets.
Reply:If you live near a Hobby Lobby or Michaels, you should be able to find inexpensive silk flowers. Matter of fact, this week (02/05-02/10) Hobby Lobby's silk floral stems and floral bushes are 50% off. That's a really good deal. You can probably spend $5-10 per bridesmaid bouquet--$15-20 on your bouquet, etc. Best wishes!
Reply:try a flea market or go to a store called micheals, they have good bulk flowers also go to the dollare stores they always have good stuff
Reply:Find out if there are any stores in your area for vendors. People who own their own business are the only people who have access to these stores. The prices are cheaper because it is for a business. If you have a store for vendors, chances are you know at least one person who has a vendor's license (I found out I knew about 15!) They can take you in as a guest and they sell their flowers there for alot cheaper than regular craft stores! Good luck!
Reply:Costco or Sam's Club. I bought mine on the Internet from Sam's Club. They were gorgeous. I bought 100 red roses and 500 Gerber daisies. The have a big assortment of flowers and they will deliver when you need them to. It took me and 5 other people 3 hours to make 10 bouquets and 8 corsages. Good luck!

Romantic flower arrangements?

hi, um... i'd like to know if you can think of any romantic flower arrangements to give a girl.

P.S. she's kinda gothic, so nothing too prissy.


Romantic flower arrangements?
Black and red roses mixed.
Reply:If you could find it (which I doubt...but badass to say the least), black tulips are so unique...but like I said really rare, but a mixture of black and dark red long stem roses would be pretty beautiful
Reply:I do floral arranging . Do you plan to do this your self or what ?

Of course Black Roses or Lillys would be the best choices .
Reply:How about a deep purple rose, not black, even though she is gothic she is a girl....
Reply:3 lillys tied with a black ribbon.

lillys the furneral flower though so being a gothic she might like it
Reply:deep red, almost black, roses
Reply:Red roses has always worked for me. Red signifies blood.
Reply:I am not gothic but I would suggest this because I am a woman... it doesnt matter if your gothic or not if you're a woman you love to receive flowers!!!

I would get her...

* 2 Red Roses because Roses are a for LOVE

* 2 Black Roses because she is in gothic scene

* 1 White Lilly because they are beautiful

* 1 Purple or Pink Lilly to spread the arrangement

%26amp; Lastly * 1 Yellow Flower of any sort (Carnations are

beautiful) - Because yellow is the colour

which means forever!!!

So you make an arrangement that says: %26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt; LOVE, GOTHIC, BEAUTY, AND FOREVER

She will love it !!!

Anyone know where to get inexpensive (but tasteful) flower arrangements in Jhb? Wedding in december....?

Don't know where you live but there was a florist called Ruby Mountain in Thrupps Centre, Oxford Road, Sandton when I lived there and the flowers were fab. Don't know if still there though. Congrats on the wedding.

Anyone know where to get inexpensive (but tasteful) flower arrangements in Jhb? Wedding in december....?
look through your local phone directory
Reply:I got married 10 Dec, we used holly and ivy - freely available in most woods and forests! For colour, nab some holly with berries!
Reply:I don't know where you are but floral wholesalers will save you lots and lots of money. Many have catalogs on line. Of course you and/or your friends or wedding planner will have to make the bouquets, etc but you'll save a lot.
Reply:Arrange it yourself or get a friend with a knack to do it.

That's what I did. (Dec. 2 last year)

There are floral foams available in craft stores, and bridal bouquet holders.

Call around to flower shops and see which ones offer the cheapest un-arranged flowers.

My sister helped me do mine.

You can find pictures of beautiful flower arrangements to look at for a guide.

Try it with something cheap(like carnations) ahead of time if you're worried. I like carnations. But I wanted dark red roses for my decor.

Have fun
Reply:where are you from. Silk flowers will be much cheaper and save you a bundle, plus you have keepsakes from your wedding.


Bride to be's? Did you think about ever doing your own flower arrangements/ centerpieces? I was thinking of it

I don't plan on doing my bouquet or anything like that, but I think it could be done...I have 4 sisters and 2 are amature florists.

Bride to be's? Did you think about ever doing your own flower arrangements/ centerpieces? I was thinking of it
A lady in my office did her own flower arrangements for the reception, but not the actual wedding. She is of Chinese descent (sp?), and married an American guy. The flower arrangements consisted of bamboo and special pebbles...there is a Chinese meaning for it but I don't remember what that is. But it was very beautiful.
Reply:i did it but I used fake flowers(hubby allergic to real) and only did bouquets, boutiniers, and flowers for the mom's of the flower girl basket too!
Reply:my mother was a florist for a few years when i was a i'm taking total advantage of her lol.

i don't think it will be that hard, the only thing i'm worried about is that they might wilt before the wedding.
Reply:Good for you. I know a person who made her own wedding cake. It will be exactly what you want so go for it
Reply:I'm totes doing my own flowers!! I think spending hundreds of dollars for already-dead flowers is insane, so I'll just be hitting the Wal-Mart or Costco (which actually has a GREAT floral department!) and grabbing bunches and bunches of regular white daisies with yellow centers for decor, and then for my bouquet I want a bunch of multi-colored Gerber daisies with maybe some white daisies mixed in (they're my favorite flower- simple, inexpensive, and they last for WEEKS!) and I'm just going to have each of my bridesmaids carry one single Gerber daisy tied with a ribbon- very elegant and simple.

If you're thinking of something a bit more grand though, you should definitely call in the professionals, or at least amateurs who know what they're doing. Your sisters sound like a good bet. Anywhere you can cut costs, do it!!!
Reply:I'm definitely planning on doing my own centerpieces. I've gotten cool ideas from wedding shows, and I know I could make them for less money by getting stuff at craft stores and wholesale florists.

I'm also kind of thinking of doing my own bouquet if it's too expensive to have a florist do it, but if I had family with that kind of experience, I'd totally have them do it!
Reply:I'm getting married next May - and not only am I doing all of my own bouquets - I'm doing them in silk flowers! :) I like to many types of flowers that aren't in season, and silk flowers are cheaper. There are ALOT of online DIY bouquet sources for us brides-to-be on a budget! I really hope you can do it yourself and save a bundle - every penny helps! Good luck!
Reply:Me and my mom did and they turned out so well that the reception place bought them!!! We used silk of course and the theme was purple, which matched the place really well and we made the arrangement and secured it with this solution you can get at Michael's that dries like glue. Here they are:
Reply:I considered it but did not have the time or the skill to make it look decent, so I left it to the experts!
Reply:Im doing my own centerpieces...just a round bowl with pebbles and a floating candle in it....very simple but beautiful...a lot of my stuff i got from the dollar store too
Reply:Go for it! It saves you alot of money! Go to store that sell fake flowers and buy a bunch of your favorite ones that are on sale or really cheap! You don't have to buy them all from the same store! You'll probably find other's on sale from other store"s! Have your sister's, friends and relatives that are willing to help out get together and have a flower party to put your arrangements together! Serve some meat ,cheese and fruit trays and serve something to drink! While everyone is helping you put your flowers together! They do not have to all be the same! Just similar with the same main flower in it ! Check out your local library for books! One i used is Weddings on a small budget it had alot of other great ideas in it for weddings! I have borrowed it out to many of people and they have put there ideas into it for others to see!

Good luck! It never hurts to try and safe a few bucks! no buddy will ever know what you spent! Let them think you spent a tons of money on your wedding even if you didn't!
Reply:My mom and I are doing my flower arrangements. Back in the day, my mom used to make beautiful arrangements and sell them as home decor.

It's really not *that* hard. I'd get some fake flowers and start practicing. If they don't turn out, you can always buy 'em.

Good luck :)
Reply:I am doing all of my own centerpieces and bouquets. My fiance and I are on a low budget wedding so we had to cut costs somewhere. Its actually very easy to do and they look just as beautiful as if they were real flowers and not fake. I am getting married Nov 1st. I recommend that if you want to do your own flowers start really early so you don't have to stress about them as the wedding gets closer. I already have 7 centerpieces done so far and they all look amazing. I have 38 more centerpieces to go (there are two on each table) and I have only spent about $100 on the first 7. Well good luck and Congrats! :0)
Reply:Yep I am doing my flower arrangements. With the help of my aunts and my hair stylist. All pros at this
Reply:It can be done! go for it, just like you said get your boquet done professionally. Sounds like you have plenty of help. I like you should save $$$ this way and everything will be just how YOU like it :)
Reply:My sister and I are doing mine, but they are very simple. I don't want anything extravagent. Just a square vase with daisies tied with a bow. Simple but nice.
Reply:Sounds like a great idea.
Reply:That is a great idea because you can really save a bundle. Make sure you read up on things like how to preserve them and stuff like that and make sure to do alot of practice bouquets and stuff. Also, keep in mind that if your sisters are in the wedding, they could be pretty pressed for time the day of with working on flowers and getting themselves ready. Its a great idea but stay organized!
Reply:I think it's a great idea and a good way to save money. The reason I didn't do it is because I didn't feel I had people I could count on to assemble the arrangements the day before and get them set up at the church and reception site. My sisters and I were busy with the rehearsal dinner and preparing for the ceremony on the day of - so I hired a pro florist to handle it all instead.
Reply:Its easy. Go for it
Reply:If you do it by yourself with them it will be cheaper and it will be exactly what you want. I wish i had those connections.

I also know a lot of people who have done their own centerpieces and even favors.

Once you have your vision, go for it and enjoy every minute, there's simple things and more intricate things.
Reply:Do not do your own centerpieces. I relied on a family friend who is a retired florist to do my flowers, and my sole responsibility was to store the flowers that I bought from a grower the day before the wedding, in a refrigerator until the next day, when the centerpieces would be assembled, along with the bridal party flowers. First off, I don't know how the heck we fit all those flowers in the fridge... we really truly needed like 3 refrigerators comfortably. It was such a pain, and after everything, I would have been glad to spend the money to have a professional do everything. It was such a waste of time and very aggravating to worry about this with everything else going on. The next day, all my flowers (callas), werer already starting to wilt and needed revivial by ice cubes to look decent for the reception. Imagine what would happen if they died...try to find replacement flowers at the last minute! Impossible!

You will likely spend between $60 and $100 per centerpice, but it all depends on the vase and the type of flower. If you want to save money, confer with the florist and take recommendations as to what type of flower is in season and cheaper at that time. Or- if that florist is doing another wedding, ask what type of flower they are using and see if you can use the same one so that the florist gets a deal from the grower and can pass those savings on to you.

Another idea is to ask your florist how much the vases will cost if you buy them through her. Then do your own internet research, and possibly buy your own vases and bring them to the florist in advance. Places like Michael's, Target, and KMart are great places to shop for things like that.

Congratulations and Good luck!
Reply:i did my own flowers .. and i am no florist at all ..

but i found it simple to do .. and the cost was a meer 20 dollars i happen to hit hobby lobby 50% off flowers sale.

i included some pics for you sorry your can't see all the detail becase the camera can't catch it, but they are loaded with crystals ...

here is my centerpiece.

here is the bridesmaids.... in person they sparkel so pretty .

and here is my bridal flowers.
Reply:I'm doing my bouquet. I wanted a 12" red rose ball and I'm doing 8" ones for the bridesmaids. It's very easy. I'm using fresh flowers, though if you can get quality silk ones they look nice too. With fresh flowers you just cut the stems to about 3" and insert into a 'wet styrofoam ball'. If you want to do it yourself anyone at your local craft store can help you. It saves a ton of $ and I think it's fun to have something you created.