Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fake water in the fake flower vase...?

what and where can u get the fake water that they use in flower vases in a fake flower arrangement?

Fake water in the fake flower vase...?
It is actually a dry substance that you REALLY add water to to make it a gel-like material. You can find it at Michael's or Hobby Lobby if this sounds about what you are looking for. Good Luck.
Reply:The best one I've ever used is Liquid Illusion. It's 2 bottles; one resin and one hardener. You mix them together (equal parts). Real easy to use. You can buy it here:

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Reply:I got mine at Garden Ridge
Reply:I've seen it at Michael's craft store before. It is actually a gel that looks like water. It is liquid and then kinda hardens after you mix it. You can find it on their website

it's called "wonder water"

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